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Here you can browse active tours in Siberia. Choose your tour in Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia, Tuva, Baikal and Altai. Discover ancient mysteries, meeting new unknown cultures, scoping scenic landscapes — unusual experience is waiting for during the adventures with «Sayan Ring».

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Excursion-ethnographical tour «Great Sayan Ring»

For the most of people Siberia remains a mysterious and inaccessible land. The main reason is a lack of information. Travel on the Great Sayan Ring will raise the veil of the mystery, and everything you see will remain in your memory for a long time. You will learn how Siberians lived in past centuries as well as present day. You will feel the hospitality of local people and realize the richness of this nation's cultural traditions. Moreover you will touch the origins of religions - from the Orthodox Church to Shamanism. And without doubt expanses of Siberia will not leave you indifferent! The Great Sayan Ring is a unique opportunity to touch the nature and culture of three very different regions: the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tuva and Khakassia Republics.

Excursion and ethnographic tour “The mysteries of Sayan ring"

A journey around Sayan ring. This tour embraces three Siberian regions: Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva and Khakassia. Each region possesses its own peculiarities, culture and historical past. But there is one thing that unites them - the people. Open-hearted, hospitable and absolutely unselfish people. It makes no difference where they live, in a megapolis or in a Tuva steppe.

Fishing Adventures at the Vivi Lake

Experts say: Lake Vivi region is like a country, a world of water:  flat table mountains, scraggy polar crooked trees, endless tundra fields, fearless birds, animals and fish. In summer day lasts for 24 hours, in winter there is a polar night. Bear’s trail can be seen much more often than the human’s footprints, the murmur of waterfalls and rifts sounds more realistic than the roar of helicopter which rarely comes here to deliver few tourists or fishermen.  We invite you to take part in fishing adventures in the very center of  Russia – at the Vivi lake! The place, where you have the chance to catch Siberian grayling, record-breaking large loach, the most tasty whitefish, fish number one fifty-kilogram taimen and many other species.

Active excursion tour «The pearls of Tuva»

tuva  Even if you are an experienced traveler and have already visited every corner of our planet, we will still make an offer for you to visit Tuva republic. This is the world where people talk to spirits and where nature strikes your imagination. In Tuva you can see the northern deserts and the southern tundras, mountains have numerous mineral springs.

Esoteric tour-seminar «Initiation into shamanism»

shamanAn esoteric tour-seminar "Initiation in shamanism" is an unforgettable rest - training. Trips to sacred places are already waiting for you. You will get acquainted with the Tuva shamans, their attributes, rituals and ceremonies, mastering of self-healing methods. All practical training during this travel is directed, basically, to opening and development of creative potential of the person as a personality, understanding of the "Self", the destiny, life values and applicability; solving of personal health problems; harmonious movement in rapidly changing world, conflict-free relations (with the nature, other persons and yourself).

Yenisey river cruise from Norilsk to Krasnoyarsk

The great Yenisey, the hero of many legends! Having started the way from the north on a comfortable ship, you will follow the route of legendary traveler Fridtjof Nansen to the “Land of the future”. The boundless Yenisey will be opened before your eyes after boundless tundra and changed into boundless taiga in southern latitudes of the trip. The peculiarity of the cruise is a constant change of landscapes, interesting excursions and entertainment life, which will make the trip unforgettable.

A city close to the nature

All guests of the Krasnoyarsk city catch a special feature of the city which is a unique combination of the city with surrounding mountains and a powerful river. It seems like the city grew up on the fertile Yenisey soil like a strong blooming tree.

A pearl of Sayan Mountains – the lake Pozarym

We suggest this tour to active people. If you agree with phrase"Tiresness is nothing in contrast with unique impressions", then this program is for you.You will see a separate and hard-to-get area if Western Sayan Mountains in its originak beauty. On this place you will feel same feekings as acient  pathfinderHere the nature is generous for surprises:  of a fantastic landscape with cascading waterfalls height of 100 meters on the mountain river connecting the two lakes will leave a lasting impression   in you memory

Active excursion tour «Sayan Expanses»

Siberia is still an unknown land, terra incognita. You will be able to reveal its mysteries choosing the tour “Sayan expanses”. The journey includes three territories of Siberia: Krasnoyarsk region, Tuva and Khakassia. Every territory has its own peculiarities, history, culture and unique nature. The tourists will visit the state nature reserve “Stolby”, West Sayan mountains and the famous park Ergaki. They will get acquainted with amazing Tuva Republic, with its fantastic landscapes and salty lakes similar to the waters of the Dead Sea.  

Amazing Kamchatka

Kamchatka, in the region the beauty and grandeur of nature are breathtaking. The view from the window of the plane is not just amazing; it proves finally that Kamchatka is a totally different planet! Here time turns back: great Pacific Ocean is replaced by majestic volcanoes. The heart begins to beat faster in anticipation of an unforgettable trip to this fantastic peninsula.